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Spirulina - The ultimate guide to miracle algae

Over the years, spirulina has evolved from an unknown alga into a true star among nutritional supplements. More and more people recognize the great potential of the miracle algae and take advantage of the many benefits that spirulina has to offer. But what exactly is behind the various Spirulina products? And what advantages do they really offer? This and other helpful information about Spirulina platensis can be found in this article.

The most important things in a nutshell

1. Spirulina - an alga full of vitamins and nutrients

Spirulina belongs to the microalgae and is full of valuable vitamins and nutrients that offer you a lot of health benefits...

2. Spirulina Effects and Usage

Spirulina isn't just a dietary supplement - whether it's in powder or pill form, spirulina offers tons of health benefits...

3. Spirulina as a delicious food

Whether as a pastry, in warm dishes or simply as a snack - spirulina can be integrated into many different recipes...

Spirulina - an alga full of vitamins and nutrients

Important vitamins

Spirulina is full of valuable vitamins, which make the algae a particularly popular dietary supplement. In fact, the algae offer even more vitamins than regular algae products, such as those used by the Japanese. One of the reasons for this is that Spirulina is a completely different type of algae, also known as microalgae. As the name suggests, it is an alga that is so small that it cannot be seen with the naked eye. In addition to spirulina, chlorella is also a microalgae - you can find out what the differences are between the two plants and whether a spirulina or chlorella product is the better choice in our blog “ Spirulina or Chlorella: Superfood of the Future ”.

Despite the small size of the microalgae, it is full of valuable vitamins that are particularly important for a healthy diet and lifestyle. Spirulina consists of around 60% high-quality, vegetable protein and valuable amino acids, which makes the microalgae a good dietary supplement, especially for vegan or vegetarian diets. In addition, Spirulina also offers a lot of different vitamins, such as vitamin B1, B2, B3, A and E, as well as valuable antioxidants. If you would like to learn more about the topic, you will find a lot of valuable information in our article “ Superfood Spirulina: Vitamins and Nutrients of Healthy Algae ”.


Spirulina is packed with valuable nutrients and vitamins. As already mentioned, the microalgae consists largely of vegetable proteins and numerous valuable vitamins that contribute to a healthy diet. In addition to this, Spirulina also offers many other nutrients and ingredients that make this alga a very special dietary supplement.

The most important nutrients in spirulina include zinc and iron, as well as the minerals magnesium and zinc. But what actually gives spirulina its characteristic green color? Chlorophyll is responsible for this, as is the pigment phycocyanin. The latter is also responsible for the alga's blue hue, serves as the primary coloring agent for blue spirulina powder, and is the main reason Spirulina is also called blue-green algae. Both bring positive benefits for our body. You can find more interesting information about the ingredients and nutrients in spirulina in our article on spirulina ingredients .

Spirulina effects and uses


Nowadays we are repeatedly exposed to different pollutants and toxins - both from our environment and from our food. In most cases, our body is able to process and get rid of them itself. Nevertheless, more and more people are looking for a way to support the body in this task. This is exactly where the spirulina algae comes into play, as it is considered a popular detoxification aid.

Whether in powder, paste, or any other form, spirulina can help rid the body of heavy metals like mercury. This is because the microalgae literally absorbs these substances. It is precisely for this reason that one should always pay attention to the origin of the product, because depending on how and where Spirulina is cultivated, heavy metals can also be contained in the products themselves. With our Spirulina articles you are always on the safe side.

Properly cultivated spirulina can provide a host of health benefits. However, it is important to pay attention to the correct application and dosage. In our article “ Detox with Spirulina: Detox Symptoms and More ” you will find a lot of helpful information about detox with Spirulina.

fat burning

Anyone who has ever dieted or tried to eat healthier and lose weight will certainly have come across one or the other food that is said to help with fat burning and general weight loss. In most cases, however, this is not really the case.

Spirulina is also said to have this effect. However, whether spirulina algae actually stimulate fat burning is still controversial. Nevertheless, the microalgae as a dietary supplement offers a lot of positive properties. In our blog “ Does Spirulina Stimulate Fat Burning? ” you will learn more about how spirulina can help you to increase your health, prevent diseases and strengthen your body.


Whether before or during pregnancy - a balanced diet is essential. For this, the body needs a lot of vitamins and nutrients. For this reason, there are various dietary supplements for expectant parents that make healthy eating during pregnancy even easier. Over the years, spirulina has also become a popular dietary supplement for pregnant women, because whether as a powder or flakes, the blue-green algae offers numerous advantages.

As with any food, you should also ensure that Spirulina products have a safe origin. This is because heavy metals, which may be present in spirulina of uncertain origin, can harm not only you but also the baby's health during pregnancy.

However, high-quality spirulina during pregnancy ensures that the body is supplied with numerous vitamins and nutrients that are particularly important for the development of the baby. These include, for example, various B vitamins, such as vitamin B and valuable vegetable protein. In combination with vitamin C, spirulina also ensures that iron is better absorbed. In this way, an iron deficiency can also be better prevented. You can find out what other advantages Spirulina offers during pregnancy and how high the dosage of blue-green algae should be in our blog " Spirulina in pregnancy: How the superfood helps you ".

General Health

Spirulina is not only a helpful dietary supplement when you are pregnant, want to detoxify or lose weight. The blue-green algae can also generally help to promote health and strengthen the body. For example, anyone who uses spirulina pellets daily as a dietary supplement can protect the skin from cell damage caused by free radicals. You can find out exactly how spirulina products can help your skin in our blog on “ Spirulina and its effects on the skin ”.

However, spirulina may offer benefits in other health areas as well, helping to prevent illness and common problems. Although spirulina is not a general substitute for medicines, it is said to have a positive effect on cardiovascular diseases, help with diabetes and generally strengthen the immune system. The blue-green algae can have a healthy effect on the intestines and the intestinal flora. You can find out more about this in our blog “ Spirulina Intestinal Effects ”.

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Spirulina as a tasty food

Spirulina Recipes

Of course, spirulina is not only healthy, but can also be used for lots of delicious recipes. Whether in warm dishes for lunch or dinner or as a delicious pastry - spirulina can be used for many different dishes. Since spirulina contains phycocyanin in addition to chlorophyll, the blue-green algae is often used as a natural coloring agent, for example to give cakes or other pastries a green or even blue color. At the same time, of course, you can also enjoy the many health benefits of spirulina in this way.

Are you still missing the necessary inspiration? Then you will find lots of delicious ideas for your breakfast, lunch or dinner among our spirulina recipes .

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