Spirulina-Algenfarm in Österreich

Spirulina From Austria

Our algae farm in Reidling

Our company is located almost in the geographical center of Lower Austria - in the small (but nice) Sitzenberg-Reidling. We have been researching since 2015 and we have been one of the first in Austria to breed high-quality spirulina algae here since 2017!

This is how our Spirulina is harvested:

Becken zur Produktion von Spirulina-Algen in Europa, Deutschland und ÖsterreichSpirulina-Algen unter dem MikroskopAlgen zum Essen aus ÖsterreichPure Spirulina zum Essen sieht aus wie Spinat.Spirulina Ernte für Bio Algen aus Europa

Thanks to an initiative by the Ministry of Climate Protection, you can also take a look behind the scenes here:

For the environment
Good for the climate, good for your conscience

We cultivate the algae with a focus on environmental protection next to a farm and renewable energy research site. From there we also get all the energy for our production - 100% electricity and heat from sustainable, renewable sources!

The purchase of Spirulix products thus also supports resource-saving and local cycles.

Qualität aus Österreich
We have claims
Local standards, local quality

We produce in Austria and process our spirulina directly on site. As a result, our Spirulix products retain all the important nutrients and achieve the best quality. Unfortunately, this is often not the case with foreign products.

We are also subject to the strict Austrian food laws. You always know that there is only good in Spirulix!

We have deliberately set our quality standards high in order to play a pioneering role as one of the first spirulina farms in Austria. Because: Algae are only nutritious if they are produced with high quality.

Strictly checked
With us you are safe!

In contrast to many foreign products, every step in the production of Spirulix is ​​strictly controlled. All algae are tested for heavy metals, pesticides, impurities and more - at Spirulix we only have the best bio-active spirulina algae for you!

Spirulix is ​​certified by IFS Global Markets Food and is therefore voluntarily subject to even more precise controls.

Small but mighty!
Our team

You know our farm now. So it's high time to get to know the team behind the Austrian Spirulina!

Do you have any questions, suggestions for us or just want to visit us? Then write to us:

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Feldgasse 2
3454 Sitzenberg-Reidling

Only 1 hour away from Vienna!

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