Our year as a Spotify playlist

2021 has been an exciting year for Spirulix, so much has happened. Among other things:

  • a redesign of our brand
  • the Austria-wide listing in the supermarket at Billa & Billa Plus
  • our big appearance at the Puls4 startup show "2 minutes 2 million"
  • the launch of our new crunchy muesli & nougats
  • and above all many great new customers like you!

Reason enough to look back a bit on this year. We have equipped our Red Berry Crunchy Muesli with headphones so that it can create the soundtrack of our year 2021 for you!

To the playlist

Spirulix Wrapped as a playlist

In the style of Spotify Wrapped, a musical review awaits you that reveals the true character of our granola. How does that sound? Find out!