Spirulina algae and their effect on the intestine - This is how the algae affect your digestion

Intestinal health is an increasingly important topic in everyday life for many. There are already numerous preparations and little helpers that keep the intestines healthy and strengthen our digestive system, most of them in powder or flake form. However, one should not forget that there is also a very simple superfood that keeps the intestinal flora healthy: spirulina algae!

What effect does spirulina have on the intestines?

Generally known as a superfood, the small green alga has many features such as detoxification, increased well-being and, among other things, the improvement of the intestinal flora. The indigestible components serve as food for the beneficial intestinal bacteria. Spirulina therefore has a positive effect on digestion and can contribute to a strengthened and healthy intestinal flora. Harmful materials and substances are also excreted through the intestines thanks to spirulina, which promotes the body's own cleansing of harmful substances. This can lead to increased well-being and promote and support the growth of healthy bacteria in the intestine when taken daily.

What Makes Spirulina So Special?

Spirulina is a cyanobacterium, but belongs to the group of microalgae and has an incredible nutrient density . The microalgae consists of 60% high-quality, vegetable proteins, which the body can utilize very well. In addition, Spirulina contains a range of essential amino acids, vitamins (B1, B2, B3, A and E), minerals (magnesium and iron), and antioxidants (chlorophyll and phycocyanin). The regular intake of spirulina can also contribute to a balanced diet and help to cover the daily requirement of some nutrients. This makes the microalgae ideal for everyone, it can prevent vital substance deficiencies and, if necessary, optimize the supply of nutrients.

How can Spirulina be used?

The high nutrient density of spirulina algae makes a valuable contribution to a balanced and health-conscious diet. 3-5 grams are recommended as a daily dose, depending on the activity level and vital substance deficit. The miracle algae is available from us in 2 forms, powder and flakes. Our powder is ideal in liquids such as juices, smoothies or smoothie bowls. Due to the powder form, nutrients and vitamins can already be absorbed through the oral mucous membranes and can therefore be utilized more quickly by the body.


The quality of the algae also plays a special role here, and attention should be paid to the origin of the algae. If the alga grows in uncontrolled conditions, such as water with an increased mercury content, the alga absorbs it and can cause great damage in the body by eating it. At Spirulix, we have specialized in bringing the best quality spirulina to the market, completely free of any harmful substances. On our in-house algae farm in the middle of Lower Austria, harvesting is still done by hand and of course the highest quality and hygiene standards are observed. The product range extends from nutritional supplements in powder form to unique snack products such as spirulina crackers and chocolate to various mueslis . There is something for absolutely everyone.


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