Detox with Spirulina: Detox Symptoms and More

More about this in our blog: Due to its ingredients, spirulina is often used as a natural detoxifying agent, because the microalgae absorbs heavy metals such as mercury. However, one should be careful, because this ability can become dangerous with spirulina from unknown origin and uncontrolled cultivation.

Spirulina Detox Symptoms

Why should you detox at all and what does it do for my health? Poisons, chemicals, microplastics and pollutants are now part of everyday life for many, but are only consciously perceived in very few cases. The pollutants mentioned are unconsciously ingested through food, air or water and are found almost everywhere in our environment. Pollutants can settle in the body and in certain cases lead to side effects and diseases.

Organic food and natural products can be used to reduce toxin accumulation. In addition, it is recommended to take algae, such as Spirulina. In addition to other types of algae, this microalgae has the ability to bind and eliminate toxins and pollutants. The superfood spirulina has been around on our planet for billions of years and was used by the Aztecs as a dietary supplement to strengthen the body.

The dosage of spirulina for detoxification

For detoxification with spirulina, the daily consumption of 3-5 grams is recommended, or a level teaspoon if you take it in powder or flake form. This type of consumption has many advantages, because in contrast to the body can already absorb important nutrients and vitamins through the oral mucosa. The consumption of Spirulina is not limited in time and can be used in the form of cures or on a daily basis to draw toxins out of the body. You are constantly exposed to these substances and can thus support your organism to cleanse itself.

The effect of spirulina in the intestine

Spirulina can reduce harmful bacteria in the intestine due to its antibacterial effect. In addition, the indigestible components serve as food for the beneficial intestinal bacteria. Spirulina therefore has a positive effect on digestion and can contribute to a stronger and healthier intestinal flora. More on this in our blog post: " Spirulina algae and their effect on the intestines ".

quality of spirulina

As already mentioned, the quality of spirulina plays a major role when it comes to detox or detoxification. If the alga grows in uncontrolled conditions, such as water with an increased mercury content, the alga absorbs it and can cause great damage in the body by eating it. When buying algae preparations, you should therefore pay close attention to the origin. We cultivate spirulina algae in Austria and voluntarily comply with the highest quality standards, so there is no risk of poisoning or illness. The same applies to spirulina: buy local!


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