Spirulina or chlorella: superfood of the future

Spirulina and chlorella are among the most popular microalgae - and rightly so. Both have a detoxifying effect and contribute to the elimination of various toxins that we come into contact with every day. But what are the differences, which microalgae works better or which one is even more digestible?

Microalgae with differences

The main difference between Chlorella and Spirulina is the ingredients and the effect. While spirulina is in the lead with a slightly higher protein content, namely 60%, chlorella has a clear lead with almost 5 times the chlorophyll content, which contributes to the detoxification of the blood and liver.

Spirulina, on the other hand, has less chlorophyll, but is easier to digest and, like chlorella, has toxin-binding properties and contains more essential nutrients such as iron and a wide variety of vitamins. In addition, the spirulina algae does not have a cellulose wall, which means that the ingredients are more accessible to the body. These ingredients are, for example, iron, beta-carotene, folates. At the same time, the microalgae is also rich in antioxidants.

This is how spirulina and chlorella work

Spirulina can reduce harmful bacteria in the intestine due to its antibacterial effect. Spirulina thus has a positive effect on digestion and can contribute to a strengthened and healthy intestinal flora. The regular intake of spirulina can also contribute to a balanced diet and help to cover the daily requirement of some minerals. The small miracle algae are also said to slow down the aging process of the skin through the chlorophyll it contains, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and, in combination with a balanced diet, contribute to improved fat burning.

Chlorella can also slow down the aging process of the skin due to the chlorophyll it contains and is mainly used for detox cures due to its detoxifying effect . However, the chlorella algae is more difficult to digest and is therefore generally not tolerated very well.

Intake recommendation

Whether as flakes or powder, both microalgae are available in many variants. In general, however, powder is ideal for being incorporated as a component in liquids such as juices, smoothies or smoothie bowls. Due to the powder form, nutrients and vitamins can be absorbed through the oral mucous membranes and thus be utilized more quickly by the body. Discover healthy treats in our Spirulina Recipes Blog !

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