Every bite for your conscience

You look at the snack shelf and think: "Should it be something healthy, sustainable or tasty today?"

But why do you have to decide at all? Why aren't there snacks that combine sustainability, nutrition and great taste?

At Spirulix, we have made it our mission to make this decision for you:

With products that you and your conscience can stand behind 100%.

Karl Pfiel Spirulix Gründer

The food of the future

For the Austrian farmer Karl it was clear: Better food? This is only possible with better ingredients.

In any case, they should:
• Packed with nutrients
• sustainable & purely plant-based
• of regional origin
• and be delicious at the same time!

After years of research, Karl found a vegetable that combines all of these things – a microalgae called spirulina . And once founded an algae farm in the middle of Austria!

Superfood next door

From spirulina, the queen of greens, we conjure up delicious snacks and other foods that you are guaranteed to fall in love with.

Full of good things, purely vegetable & from our algae farm in Austria - Spirulix is ​​your superfood next door.

A green conscience has never tasted so good.

Balanced throughout the day with Spirulix

Whether for breakfast, in between meals or as a super ingredient when cooking - with Spirulix you can provide yourself with delicious nutrients all day long.

To make Spirulina more fun for you, Spirulix is ​​available as a delicious snack:
Muesli (apple, cinnamon, red berries)
Nougat (Dark, White)
Crackers (Classic, Provence, Bangkok)

Or as a dietary supplement to give your food a nutrient plus:
Powder (for liquids, yoghurts, dough, etc.)
Flakes (for sprinkling over food)

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