Diese wundervollen Personen arbeiten jeden Tag daran, dass unsere Spirulina & Produkte noch besser werden.

Wir wollen euch jedes Mitglied unserer grünen Crew vorstellen, damit ihr auch nachvollziehen könnt, wer unsere Algen täglich per Hand erntet, eure Mails so schnell wie möglich beantwortet oder ständig an neuen Snacks mit Spirulina tüftelt!

Karl Pfiel Spirulix Gründer

Algae Farmer & Founder

Karl Pfiel

Your task?
As a farmer and algae ambassador, I'm on duty around the clock. Whether for customers or partners, there is always something going on.

What's your favorite way to like Spirulix?
Puristic: Spoon Spirulix Flakes into your mouth and add a small sip of water.

your motto?
“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."

customer service
Martina Pfiel

Your task?
I work on the farm every day and always take care of satisfaction and direct contact with our customers.

Which spirulina recipe is your favorite?
The green spirulina pancakes!

Unusual passion?
My chickens, who can feel at home in our garden.

Elad Zohar Gründer von Spirulix Spirulina aus Österreich

Algae expert & founder

Elad Zohar

Your task?
As one of the bosses, I make sure that our Spirulina, customers and employees are always doing great!

What fascinates you most about spirulina?
The fact that I can do something good for my body in such a simple way.

your favorite recipe?
The chocolate cookies with spirulix flakes .

Daniela Dorner

Your task?
I am responsible for ensuring that as many people as possible hear about Spirulix & stay in touch with us!

Your highlight in everyday work?
Customer Feedback: If our enthusiasm for the most nutritious plant in the
world spills over.

favorite snack?
Muesli - that always works!

Nicole Kist

Deine Aufgabe?
Als Salesmangerin sehe ich mich als Markenbotschafterin von Spirulix und kümmere mich darum, dass es immer mehr Geschäfte gibt, wo unsere Spirulina eingekauft werden kann.

Warum tue ich das?
Ich bin ein großer Fan von regionalen Produkten in höchster Qualität. 

Da ich immer Hunger habe, liebe ich die Cracker als gesunden Snack für zwischendurch!

seaweed tamer
Catherine Markl

Your task?
As an algae biologist, I am responsible at Spirulix for ensuring that our algae farm, products & spirulina are always of the very best quality!

Which spirulina recipe is your favorite?
The smoothie with spirulix powder & bananas.

Algen in Niederösterreich Österreich

The slightly different office

Our algae farm

Every day we work to ensure that our spirulina thrives even better so that you can live as balanced and relaxed as possible.

Together we make the future of food the present!

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