Karl Pfiel und Martina Pfiel als Startup-Gründer von Spirulix

What is the food of the future?

This was exactly the question that plagued the Austrian farmer Karl for many years. Future Food must definitely:
• Packed with nutrients
• sustainable & purely plant-based
• of regional origin
• and be delicious at the same time!

After years of research, Karl realized: only the microalgae Spirulina can do that. And just founded an algae farm in the middle of Lower Austria.
Spirulix was born.

The queen of greens

We conjure up snacks and dietary supplements from spirulina that you are guaranteed to fall in love with!

The small microalgae ensure that our products are all equipped with an extra nutrient plus.

Good nutrition becomes child's play. And you to the better eater.

icon voller vitamine und mineralien mit 2 Menschen die sich fit und wohl fühlen

full of vitamins
& minerals

icon mit grünem Kreis und dunkelgrünem V mit Blatt für vegan

purely vegetable
& vegan

100% taste
0% compromises

Snacks for the conscience

With Spirulix, you can now have breakfast, nibble and nibble with a grin on your face. Because with us you always have a clear conscience.

Our snacks support your daily nutrition by providing the right support for your heart¹, brain², muscles³, immune system⁴ or your regeneration⁵.

Spirulix ist bekannt aus:

Erfahrungen mit Spirulix Spirulina

Regional from Austria

Our company is located almost in the geographical center of Lower Austria. In the small (but nice) Sitzenberg-Reidling we have been researching the food of the future since 2015!

More about the algae farm

Sustainably grown

A little light paired with warmth and water, our spirulina thrives. Like all algae, it is also a real CO2 guzzler and can be cultivated in Austria in a completely environmentally friendly manner. A real future food.

More about sustainability at Spirulix

With the best quality

You can taste the quality of seaweed. That's why you're going to love Spirulix! We do not use impurities, heavy metals or pesticides - at Spirulix there is only the best spirulina for you!

More about the production
Our products

You only notice the effect of spirulina if you take it regularly. But that's clear, because you usually don't feel much right after exercising... except maybe sore muscles.

To make Spirulina more fun for you, Spirulix is ​​available as a delicious snack:
Muesli (apple, cinnamon, red berries)
Nougat (Dark, White)
Crackers (Classic, Provence, Bangkok)

Or as a dietary supplement to give your food a nutrient boost:
Powder (for liquids, dough & Co.)
Flakes (for sprinkling over food)

nutritional supplement
for the couch
Spirulix Crackers

Our crackers are your new favorite snack - we promise!

Pumped full of omega 3, iron & protein... and above all really delicious.

Your conscience & your taste buds will be amazed!

Get pure spirulina
Powder & Flakes

Our 100% Austrian spirulina is available pure in 2 forms: as a fine powder & as coarse flakes.

This is 100% our dried spirulina, with which you give your food a nutrient plus.

Eating enough greens has never been easier!

1 teaspoon a day is enough!

You simply mix the powder into yoghurt, juices, soups or other liquids.

The flakes are particularly suitable for sprinkling over food, such as salads, bread or more.

3 grams per day - that's all you need for Spirulix to arm you for all adventures!

To the application
Our FAQs
To ask?

You want to know more? You might find an answer in our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

¹ Knuspermüsli & Cracker: Thiamin trägt zu einer normalen Herzfunktion bei.
² Knuspermüsli & Cracker: Magnesium trägt zu einer normalen psychischen Funktion bei.
³ Cracker & Knuspermüsli: Magnesium trägt zu einer normalen Muskelfunktion bei.
⁴ Cracker & Knuspermüsli: Eisen trägt zu einer normalen Funktion des Immunsystems bei.
⁵ Knuspermüsli & Cracker: Eisen trägt zur Verringerung von Müdigkeit und Ermüdung bei.