Spirulina and its effects on the skin

Spirulina Algae: The New Superfood for a Radiant Complexion and Healthy Skin? Marketing fluff or actually nature's magic bullet? How does taking Spirulina affect our skin? We take a closer look at the blue microalgae.

Who or what is spirulina actually?

Spirulina is a microalgae that, as the name suggests, is tiny and cannot be seen with the naked eye. The distinctive green color of the spirulina algae is created by the pigments phycocyanin and chlorophyll. However, this is not the only thing that makes the microalgae so special.

Spirulina consists of more than 60% high-quality, vegetable proteins that the body can utilize very well - the protein content of algae is even higher than that of foods such as meat, eggs or soy. But that's not all, because the superfood also contains a range of essential fatty acids, vitamins (vitamin B1, B2, B3, A and E), minerals (magnesium, iron and zinc), as well as antioxidants ( β-carotene and phycocyanin ) . Daily consumption of spirulina algae protects the skin from cell damage, supports the immune system and improves general well-being.

What are the effects of spirulina on the skin?

Daily consumption of spirulina in the form of powder and flakes protects the skin from cell damage caused by free radicals, which can definitely be described as natural anti-aging.

Last but not least - the increased cell regeneration through the absorption of chlorophyll, which stimulates blood formation and thus improves the oxygen supply in the body. In addition to the positive effects on the skin, the hair is also supplied with iron and B vitamins, which makes it more resistant and strengthens the lion's mane.

Superfood for skin and hair: tips for use

The recommended consumption of spirulina is 3-5 grams per day, i.e. a good teaspoon full. Spirulina powder, on the other hand, is ideal as a component in liquids such as juices, smoothies or smoothie bowls. Due to the powder form, nutrients and vitamins can already be absorbed through the oral mucous membranes and can therefore be utilized more quickly by the body.

For an extensive beauty program, Spirulina powder can definitely be used for face or hair masks. The combination with other superfoods such as honey or avocado is particularly useful here in order to receive additional benefits that are also good for the body.

Spirulina contains a variety of minerals and vitamins, but as always, spirulina algae cannot work miracles. They can only support the body and positively support the health of our skin.

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