Does Spirulina Stimulate Fat Burning?

Spirulina algae is considered the superfood of the future, but does it also help with weight loss and can even promote fat burning? We explain what effect the algae actually has and whether spirulina can actually stimulate fat burning.

Increased fat burning through spirulina?

Whether spirulina stimulates fat burning is not yet entirely clear. Numerous studies and research are already dealing with this topic, but the results so far do not provide any clear information as to whether taking spirulina actually boosts fat burning. Nevertheless, it is clear that the small blue-green algae has a lot to offer and is even used by NASA as a component of astronaut food due to its nutrient density.

Benefits & Effects of Spirulina Algae

Spirulina consists of more than 60% high-quality, vegetable proteins that the body can utilize very well - the protein content of algae is even higher than that of foods such as meat, eggs or soy. But that's not all, because the superfood also contains a range of essential amino acids, vitamins (B1, B2, B3, A and E), minerals (magnesium and iron), and antioxidants (chlorophyll and phycocyanin). The regular consumption of spirulina can also contribute to a balanced diet and help to cover the daily requirement of some nutrients . Daily consumption of spirulina algae binds free radicals in the body, supports the immune system and improves general well-being.

Taking spirulina algae offers numerous advantages, but a distinction must be made between pellets, capsules or pure spirulina powder or flakes. While capsules and pellets only completely dissolve in the stomach, the nutrients contained in the algae can already be absorbed through the oral mucous membranes when the powder is consumed. With high-quality spirulina algae, the taste is very mild and, contrary to popular belief, neither fishy nor penetrating. We cultivate the microalgae in Austria under the highest hygiene standards and, thanks to the high quality standards, enable the superfood to be consumed without hesitation.

Spirulina as a dietary supplement

The recommended daily intake of spirulina is 3-5 grams depending on activity level. The spirulina powder can be ideally incorporated as a component in liquids such as juices, smoothies or smoothie bowls. Due to the high protein content of the microalgae, Spirulina is said to have an appetite-suppressing effect and the ingredients are said to promote the balance of the digestive system. This avoids food cravings and creates a well-balanced feeling of satiety and hunger. However, studies have not yet been able to fully confirm these effects. However, the spirulina algae can bravely defend its image as a booster for the immune system. In addition, various studies have also shown an improved ability to regenerate by taking the microalgae, which can be particularly beneficial for sports activities that are required for weight reduction.

Despite all these promising effects and benefits that Spirulina offers, a non-calorie deficit diet and a balanced diet will not be successful. Unfortunately, the superfood is not a miracle weapon for losing weight, it requires a lot more (balanced diet, exercise, etc.). However, as a dietary supplement, Spirulina is highly recommended for absolutely everyone!


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