Spirulina Powder

100% reine Spirulina aus Österreich

  • Vitamine und Mineralien in hoher Bioverfügbarkeit
  • Antioxidantien für Immunsystem & Zellschutz
  • Qualität aus eigener Produktion in Niederösterreich
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Spirulix Spirulina Powder is your daily extra portion of nutrients. Eating enough greens has never been easier!

Just 1 teaspoon a day (approx. 3 g) is enough to keep you ready for new adventures. Spirulix Spirulina powder is as versatile as you are! You can mix our powder into your smoothie, fruit juice, soup or yoghurt and you can also cook delicious recipes with it. You can find a few examples on our recipe blog .

Spirulix Powder is your future food next door: it consists of 100% spirulina algae grown and dried in Austria. Regional cultivation paired with strict local laws and controls: we can promise you the best quality of our spirulina!

Our spirulina is:

  • completely vegan & natural
  • Subtle Taste that gets completely overshadowed in juices & Co.
  • Raw food quality, gluten free & without lactose
  • free from additives, preservatives or pesticides

A single can of Spirulina Powder (with 100g of pure Spirulina from Austria) can sustain you for an entire month:
From just 0.83€ per day, you can now carry more nutrients with you on a daily basis!

(corresponds to 100g = amount for 1 month)

The best way to enjoy Spirulix Spirulina powder is by mixing it into juice, yogurt, smoothie, or using it for baking.

Our Spirulina powder has a mild taste of chlorophyll (similar to Matcha), which easily blends with other flavors.

A teaspoon of Spirulix Powder (approx. 3 - 5g) a day prepares you for new adventures.

Depending on the dosage, one pack of Spirulix will supply you for a month! So Spirulix is ​​available from just €0.83 per day!

Spirulix contains 100% spirulina. That means:

  • completely vegan
  • no additives
  • no gluten
  • no lactose
  • no exposure to heavy metals

energy 312 calories 15.6 calories
protein 60g 3g
Fat 6g 0.3g
fiber 9g 0.45g
Salt 1.1g 0.055g
oleic acid 46.8 mg 1.6 mg

The recommended daily dose is 3 to 5 grams and corresponds to about one teaspoon.

The recommended daily intake should not be exceeded. Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet.

Ingredients may vary as it is a natural product that is subject to seasonal fluctuations.

Thousands have fallen in love with Spirulix!


A teaspoon of spirulix in multivitamin juice is my new morning ritual! Tastes great & saves me from exhausting days! 😊


via Facebook comment


Spirulix absolutely convinces me. This quality from Austria is great!

Medizin Doktor Spirulina
dr Juergen Hörhan

General Practitioner & Sports Doctor


I take a teaspoon of it daily in my protein shake, which immediately turns green. The taste is surprisingly good, I'm thrilled 😄


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Gemüse auf grünem Hintergrund

Wir essen zu wenig Obst & Gemüse

Our Spirulix Spirulina algae in powder form is the dietary supplement of the future and as versatile as you are! Smoothies are just the beginning, because with our green algae you can cook, bake and try out lots of recipes.

Spirulina enthält eine Fülle an Nährstoffen

1 Teelöffel Spirulina (5g) enthält unter anderem:

2,9 g Protein: so viel wie in 3 EL Haferflocken
2 mg Eisen: so viel wie in 2 Handvoll Spinat
10 mg Magnesium: so viel wie in 1/2 Banane

Teelöffel Spirulina mit Schüssel voller Lebensmittel
Darstellung Produktionsprozess von Spirulina in 4 Schritten

Produktion auf unserer Algenfarm

Die Spirulina wächst in Niederösterreich auf unserer Farm unter kontrollierten Bedingungen in 10 cm tiefen Wasserbecken durch Photosynthese.

Bei der Ernte bleiben die größeren Algen in einem Netz hängen, die kleineren fließenzu zurück ins Becken und wachsen weiter.

Die frisch geerntete Spirulina wird zu „Spaghetti“ geformt und bei niedrigen Temperaturen in Rohkostqualität getrocknet. Danach wird sie gemahlen und abgefüllt, um dich mit Nährstoffen zu versorgen.

Unsere Farm kannst du auch bei einer Führung besichtigen!

V für Vegan mit Pflanzenblatt

100% Natural & Vegetable

We don't do things by halves. That's why you'll only find the best of Mother Nature in our products. Artificial additives or preservatives? Not with us!

Zielpfeiler für Regionalität

Your superfood next door

We grow our spirulina ourselves on our algae farm in Reidling - in the middle of Lower Austria. This is the only way we can ensure optimal quality and sustainability!

Schützende Hand über Blätter

with spirulina from sustainable sources

On our farm we breed according to the principle of circular economy & use 100% energy from renewable sources. With Spirulix, everything is green, ecologically too!

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frequently asked Questions

Spirulina is a microalgae whose intake has many positive effects, such as strengthening the immune system, detoxification, intestinal health, etc. Due to the high nutrient density of the alga, it is particularly rich in protein and provides numerous nutrients such as vitamins B1, B2 and B3 as well as iron and copper.

Just 1 teaspoon of our Spirulina algae a day (approx. 3-5 g) is enough to provide you with important minerals and vitamins. Buying a can of Spirulix Powder will therefore provide you with nutrients for a whole month.

Thanks to chlorophyll , the green algae supports detoxification, is also good for the intestines and can help with skin problems.

Yes, our spirulina algae are grown in a climate-friendly manner on our own algae farm in the middle of Lower Austria.