That was our year 2021 - a little review!

A turbulent year full of ups & downs is slowly coming to an end, so here's a little year in review with our favorite Spirulix moments 2021. 🤩

First stop: Our appearance on the start-up show 2 minutes 2 million - definitely one of the most exciting and beautiful moments for our entire algae team. With the start-up ticket we made it onto the shelves of BILLA and BILLA Plus and are now represented throughout Austria with our crunchy muesli (also in your area 🥳). Without you, none of this would have been possible, so before we continue, we send you a big THANK YOU ! 🙏🏻

And on we go! Next station of our annual review: The big rebranding - Spirulix in a new dress 👗

We used the past year and gave ourselves an unmistakable new look that sets the direction of where we want to go in the future & also looks great:

💚 Striking, because we have nothing to hide
💚 Colorful, like life itself
💚 Natural & playful, because only the best of Mother Nature goes into our products!

This is how we (& our products) start the year 2022 well dressed! 😎 #instyle

Part 3 of our journey through the Spirulix archives leads us directly to another highlight in 2021: the launch of our crunchy muesli 🥳

We tinkered, tasted, adjusted & tasted again until we finally developed the optimal recipe for our crunchy muesli. Not only does it taste great, it also contains your extra portion of nutrients for the day. Thanks to plenty of iron, magnesium, vitamin B & more, one thing is clear: every bite counts here! 🤩 Available in the varieties apple-cinnamon & red berries: but only for better eaters! 😎

Let's continue with the days of the open algae farm in spring 💚

Despite the pandemic & numerous health requirements, thousands of you (1,500 to be precise) from all over Austria have come to our algae farm to see with your own eyes where the food of the future is at home. There were guided tours, tastings & many great conversations with you! Definitely one of our highlights in this very unpredictable year - THANK YOU for being there & hopefully see you soon in Reidling!

The fifth & last stop on our journey through the past year is the remake of our Spirulix crackers 🤩

True to the motto: outside Hui, inside Uiuiui! we also gave our crackers a complete remake in 2021. Not only does the packaging shine in the new design, the recipe has also been optimized and improved. Packed with nutrients such as iron, magnesium, zinc & more, our crackers ensure a green conscience and taste twice as delicious!

Haven't tried it yet? Then now is the time! ☝️ Grab the snack for better eaters & try the food of the future this year! 😎 #futurefood

That's it, in a nutshell, our year in review 2021. We are definitely hungry for more & are already excited to see what the year 2022 has in store for us - let's tell you one thing, it certainly won't be boring! 😎

Well then, the entire Spirulix team wishes you a Happy New Year! 🍀🐷
See you on the other side! 😉