Spirulina als Superfood aus Österreich für eine gesunde Ernährung

What is spirulina?

In 1974, the UN declared Spirulina the best food of the future. The Aztecs already knew that spirulina should be an integral part of their diet. And NASA still recommends them today!

But what is spirulina anyway? And why is it considered a real future food?

Wie sieht Spirulina aus?

Microalgae with great effect

Spirulina is a tiny alga that contains a large amount and range of minerals, vitamins, and essential amino & fatty acids.

Spirulina is particularly well-known for its nutrient density, which is unparalleled in the world of plants!

But why should I use Spirulina at all?

You can make a lot of effort, but one thing is clear: a balanced diet is really not always easy!

The " National Consumption Study II " carried out by the German Federal Ministry of Nutrition confirms that many people on average fall below the recommended daily reference values ​​for various nutrients.

Was bringt Spirulina
Simply balanced.

This is how Spirulina supports!

The great thing about spirulina: it contains an immensely wide range of nutrients and can therefore help you!

Can you stop worrying about your diet now? No of course not!

But Spirulina can support you in your daily life. And that's not a bad thing!

The food of the future

The Greens King

The nutrients contained in spirulina are also very easy for our body to utilize, since spirulina, in contrast to most plants, does not have a "disturbing" cell wall. Spirulina is therefore one of the foods with the highest bioavailability.

It is not for nothing that one often hears that spirulina (and algae in general) are the perfect vegetables for the average European and their balanced diet!

The problem of origin

Spirulina binds, among other things, heavy metals and pollutants.

Most Spirulina products originated in Asia...and that can be a problem! As we all know, the quality of air and water in Asia is sometimes very questionable. This is also reflected in the spirulina!

But what can you do there?

Spirulina-Algenfarm in Österreich

Spirulina from Austria

We created Spirulix so you can enjoy the very best quality Spirulina!

That's why we grow spirulina on our own algae farm in Lower Austria!

Produced with Austrian drinking water & according to the strictest domestic regulations, we can promise you a spirulina that you will be amazed by!

3 Historical Facts About Spirulina:

Azteken Spirulina Verwendung

Even the Aztecs used Spirulina.

NASA verwendet Spirulina

It is still recommended by NASA today.

Spirulina aus Österreich

Spirulix has been growing Spirulina regionally in Austria since 2015.