Spirulina Algen Sitzenberg Reidling Niederösterreich

Sustainability at Spirulix

Spirulina is only a real future food if you really grow it in a future-oriented way - and that's what we at Spirulix do too!

It is important to us to save as much energy, resources & CO2 as possible, starting with the cultivation of the algae, through the manufacture of our products, to shipping them to you! 💚

regional vegan nachhaltig

algae for the future

If we switched our diet to algae overnight, global greenhouse gas emissions would drop by over 30%.

Compared to conventional farming, it also requires 40% less land & even a whopping 70% less water to produce similar amounts.

Spirulina aus Österreich

Made in Austria

Our products are 100% made in Austria: either by ourselves or our great local production partners.

Our packaging also comes from Austria and Bavaria! And hey: Bavaria is almost Austria.

vegan, pflanzlich und natürlich

100% Vegan & Natural

All of our products do not contain any animal products whatsoever. In addition, no additives, preservatives or colorings are used.

Because at Spirulix everything is 100% vegan & natural!

Spirulix Algen-Farm in Niederösterreich für Spirulina

Much comes from little.

Spirulina, like all algae, is known to require few resources to produce. The amount of spirulina doubles every 2 to 4 days.

Compared to other plants, you can harvest much more and, above all, more often with the same effort. Hardly any other nutrient bomb is so gentle on the environment!

Biogasanlage in Österreich um Spirulina-Algen zu züchten

100% renewable

Thanks to the sustainability of Spirulina, we hardly need any energy for production.

The little that we need comes from a neighboring biogas plant - 100% electricity from sustainable sources!

As with any electricity generation, some unused energy remains with biogas. We conduct this heat directly under our pools via heating pipes. So nothing is lost in energy!

Ernte von Algen

circular economy

As gently as possible!

Our production steps are kept as gentle as possible. When we harvest our spirulina, we strain the water, which is pumped back into the tanks. The pure spirulina remains. This guarantees that not a drop of water is wasted.

For our products, we only use ingredients from Mother Nature and do not use any preservatives or additives at all.

Without unnecessary delivery routes

Delivery routes are shortened with us. So that your packages don't wander halfway around the world, we send them directly from our warehouse to you without intermediaries!

This has the advantage that your products have a lower CO2 footprint, arrive fresher & we can also do without unnecessary margins. This allows us to offer you an affordable price. So, what are you waiting for?