Seaweed Chips - Spirulix Spirulina Crackers

Spirulix crackers are your healthy snack! Natural ingredients, 100% vegan, great nutrients and great taste - you will love our algae chips! You can order these delicious snacks from Austria in the flavors sesame salt & red curry.

As tasty as chips, but still full of important nutrients:

💪 Proteins for your fitness
🔱 Omega 3 as an important nutrient
🧠 Magnesium for psyche + nerves
Iron against tiredness + exhaustion
Zinc for skin, hair + nails
💖 Vitamin B1 for heart + metabolism

Sound incredible? It is.

can't make up your mind Try this:

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Spirulina testen und Erfahrungen mit Algen machen
Gratis Spirulix Baumwolltasche als Geschenk
Spirulina-Algen-Cracker aus Österreich voller Nährstoffe Paket
Wirkung von Spirulina-Algen und gesunden Snacks auf die Gesundheit
Vergleich Chips Brezeln Salzstangen für Nährwerte des Snack
Spirulina-Müsli als Granola mit gesunde und natürliche Zutaten aus Österreich
Rezept für gesundes Müsli oder Granola mit Milch, Joghurt oder Dessert
Spirulix Spirulina Flakes aus Algen aus Österreich
Wie Spirulina anwenden zum Essen und für Rezepte
Spirulix Spirulina Pulver aus Algen aus Österreich
Spirulina Pulver für Smoothies, Shakes, Säfte und zum Backen
Spirulina-Schokolade von Zotter als Spirulix Nougat
Complete package bundle
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Du willst ganz einfach alle Spirulix-Produkte kennenlernen? Dann hol dir doch unser Komplettpaket!

Spirulix Knuspermüsli, Nougat, Cracker, Powder & Flakes können es kaum abwarten, dich zu zu begeistern!

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Why should you buy Vegan Spirulina Chips?

Our algae chips provide you with important nutrients, are made from the best ingredients and are also vegan. These crackers are your ideal snack for the couch and convince compared to other algae chips with their great taste.

The snack of the future?!

Our Spirulix Snack products are made from the highest quality ingredients, such as Spirulina algae from Austria. This makes our crackers unique in terms of both taste and nutrients. Our healthy snack outshines alternatives such as seaweed chips, seaweed sheets and other products.

Vergleich von Knabbereien und Snacks wie Chips, um zu sehen, was gesünder ist, mehr Vorteile hat und wieso Spirulina gute Nährstoffe versorgt

Spirulix Algae Chips - healthy and delicious

With our crackers there is something for every taste - to order in the varieties sesame salt & red curry. Buy our Spirulix algae chips today and see the benefits for yourself!

frequently asked Questions

Yes, all of our products are 100% vegan and do not contain any animal ingredients. So you can buy our algae chips with a clear conscience.

You can order our crackers here in our online shop or buy them from a partner near you.

The spirulina seaweed is one of the most nutritious "vegetables" in the world. Combined with other ingredients, such as sesame, Spirulix vegan chips are the perfect snack for the couch.

Depending on the variation, with sesame salt or red curry. You can hardly taste the spirulina algae themselves, because thanks to Austrian cultivation, they only have a delicate taste that often gets lost in connection with other ingredients.