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How do you use spirulina?

In order for you to really notice the nutrient plus of spirulina, it is important that you consume it regularly!

Because even with sports you don't feel much after a workout. Except maybe sore muscles.

Luckily, you can take Spirulix in a variety of ways so you'll never get bored!

Muesli, nougat, crackers
Snacks full of spirulina

With our snacks you can provide yourself with an extra portion of nutrients around the clock!

Whether it's crunchy muesli in the morning, nougat for dessert at noon or nibbling on crackers on the couch in the evening - with Spirulix your conscience is always in the green.

Spirulina Superfood kaufen

Spirulina as a dietary supplement

Powder & Flakes

Both are 100% dried spirulina from Austria, with which you can give yourself a real nutrient boost every day.

The fine powder is suitable for liquids, the coarse flakes as a topping for food.

1 teaspoon a day is enough to provide you with your portion of Spirulix!

Mix spirulina with something you like!

Our spirulina only has a weak taste, namely that of chlorophyll. Many people are reminded of matcha or pumpkin seeds. We love this taste, but for many it is a bit unfamiliar (especially when dissolved in water).

To start with, we recommend combining powder or flakes with foods that already have their own taste. In this way you get used to the perhaps still unfamiliar taste & you can really enjoy your green daily portion!

Perfect for liquids
Spirulina Powder

The best way to add our spirulina powder is to:
• Fruit juices (e.g. multivitamin)
• Smoothies
• Soups
• Spreads
• Doughs (for bread or desserts)
• other liquids (be creative!)

Sprinkle your food!
Spirulina Flakes

These coarse spirulina flakes can be nibbled on their own, but are also suitable as a great topping for dishes:
• Salads
• Spreads
• Soups
• bowls
• Cereals
• or spicy foods

Spirulina Rezept mit Reis

Recipes with spirulina

Do you like to cook? Well that's perfect! We have plenty of recipes ready for you.

Whether powder or flakes - here you can spoil yourself with many green delicacies.

Spirulina Recipes
Nutritional supplement for the couch
Spirulina crackers

You can snack on our spirulina crackers however you like! For example, when you realize after a hard day that you haven't eaten too balanced!

Then you can simply treat yourself to a few crackers in the evening to provide you with protein, omega 3, iron, magnesium, zinc, fiber & more!

Eat green!
Spirulina Nougat

Do you have a sweet tooth? Totally okay, because now there is also a chocolate for newbies!

The combination of the 3 superfoods cocoa, spirulina & sesame or hemp gives you a little sweet break!

Meet Spirulix!
complete package

You only notice the effect of spirulina if you take it regularly. But that's clear, because you usually don't feel much right after exercising... except maybe sore muscles.

To make Spirulina more fun for you, Spirulix is ​​available as a delicious snack:
Muesli (apple, cinnamon, red berries)
Nougat (Dark, White)
Crackers (Classic, Provence, Bangkok)

Or as a dietary supplement to give your food a nutrient boost:
Powder (for liquids, dough & Co.)
Flakes (for sprinkling over food)

Do you have a great spirulina recipe ready? Then let us share in your culinary art!

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