Karl Pfiel und Martina Pfiel als Startup-Gründer von Spirulix

Spirulix makes you a better eater!

We conjure up snacks & other foods from spirulina, the most nutrient-rich algae on the planet, that you are guaranteed to fall in love with.

Full of good things, purely vegetable & from our algae farm in Austria - Spirulix is ​​your superfood next door.

Why Spirulix?
Full of Spirulina from Austria
Our products

Whether for breakfast, in between meals or as a super ingredient when cooking - with Spirulix you can provide yourself with delicious nutrients all day long.

To make Spirulina more fun for you, Spirulix is ​​available as a delicious snack:
Muesli (apple, cinnamon, red berries)
Nougat (Dark, White)
Crackers (Classic, Provence, Bangkok)

Or as a dietary supplement to give your food a nutrient plus:
Powder (for liquids, dough & Co.)
Flakes (for sprinkling over food)

gesunde und voller Nährstoffe

full of vitamins
& minerals

regional vegan nachhaltig

regional, vegan
& consistent

Spirulix lecker mit Geschmack

100% taste
0% compromises

Spirulix ist bekannt aus:

Erfahrungen mit Spirulix Spirulina

Spirulina aus Österreich

Your superfood next door

We grow our Spirulina ourselves on our own algae farm in Reidling - in the middle of Lower Austria. This is the only way we can ensure optimal quality and sustainability!

vegan, pflanzlich und natürlich

100% natural
& Vegetable

We don't do things by halves. That's why you'll only find the best of Mother Nature in our products. Artificial additives or preservatives? We don't have that!

ausgewogen gute Spirulina

through the day

Whether for breakfast, as a snack in between or as a super ingredient in cooking - with Spirulix you can provide yourself with delicious nutrients throughout the day.