Your experiences with the spirulina from Spirulix

Many of you ask us what Spirulix is ​​like. Very often we hear the following?

• "Is it really true that your spirulina tastes so much better?"
• "You produce in Austria, but is the quality of the spirulina that good?"
• "Why should I take spirulina? Does it do any good?"
• "Do you really notice anything if you take spirulina every day?"
• "Does a recipe with spirulina really work? Or will it just turn green?"

We could write you novels here...but would that really be authentic? That's why we decided to share your experiences with Spirulix's spirulina on behalf of you. Thank you & love to everyone who has sent us their feedback so far! 💚

This is what experts say about our Spirulina


With great commitment and success I have been working as a nutritionist for TCM for more than 8 years. Whether it’s a workshop or individual support: a conscious, healthy lifestyle is very important to me. And that's why I'm a Spirulina fan too!

Spirulix makes it really easy to live a little bit more balanced every day!

Petra Pfann empfiehlt als Ernährungsberaterin Spirulina von Spirulix
Petra Pan

Nutritionist for vegan lifestyles


As a nutritionist I say:
"Spirulina algae are the most promising food in the world!"

As an athlete I say:
"Spirulix is ​​a nutrient bomb and my secret weapon for all adventures!"

Ernährung Spirulina wichtig
Mag. Axel Dinse

Competitive athletes & nutritionists


Spirulix should be an integral part of any nutritional regimen! Thanks to Austria as a location, you can be absolutely sure of the quality!

Jürgen Hörhan als Arzt der Spirulina empfiehlt
dr medical univ. Jürgen Hörhan

General Practitioner & Sports Doctor


I recommend my clients to take Spirulix because after a few weeks they all have the same positive experiences!

Fitness mit Spirulina
Alex Asparouh Alexandrov

Personal trainer, athlete & coach

And that's what customers write to us by email!


I already knew the powder, but not the flakes and I really like them! I used them as a topping and they are really crunchy! The chocolate is great too and the crackers are seriously addictive! Haha no I'm fine with it!

Stefan Friedl

from Lower Austria


I tried the chocolate and crackers at the Linz fair. I didn't necessarily have to have algae before, but you really can't compare the products with products from overseas. They taste great. Will definitely buy me something. Basically, you can also integrate it into food or cakes. Then you can't taste the spirulina at all. Really! Pure are really good! 💗


from Linz


I knew spirulina from back then, after a regional rediscovery, I decided to take spirulina again and I have to say I'm thrilled. The quality is absolutely recommendable and the taste is a dream. Keep it up!


from Berlin


I met you at the Vegan Planet in Vienna...I'm so excited about your products. They are highly recommended!


from Vienna


I only knew spirulina as a very fishy powder, but I've been a huge fan since trying yours at an event. Thanks for the tip about stirring it all up in multivitamin juice!


via Instagram message


The product is sensational. I don't want to miss a day!


from Carinthia

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