7 Reasons Why Spirulix Will Revolutionize Your Diet!

Why you will fall in love with our Austrian Spirulina snacks?
Because a green conscience has never tasted so good.

1. The most nutritious plant in the world

The microalgae Spirulina impresses with its immense nutrient density.
Not even NASA wants them in space, so why should you?

Spirulina-Algen aus Österreich voller Nährstoffe
2. Packed with vitamins, minerals & more

With a wide range of different nutrients, our snacks support you in your balanced diet every day. Spirulix is ​​your food of the future!

gesunde und voller Nährstoffe
3. Tastes delicious

Whether muesli, crackers or nougat, you want to access our products every day.

100% taste, 0% compromises - because you deserve it!

Spirulix lecker mit Geschmack
4. Spirulina from Austria

Microalgae from Austria? Yes, that's possible, because we grow the queen of greens on the Spirulix algae farm in the middle of Lower Austria. Spirulix is ​​your next-door superfood!

5. Sustainable & Natural

Spirulina is considered one of the biggest CO2 scavengers, so we grow it with a focus on nature.

Short transport routes, renewable energy, permanent reuse of water and raw materials - because Spirulix is ​​the food of the future!

Spirulina Algen Sitzenberg Reidling Niederösterreich
6. Every bite for your conscience

Full of good things, great for the planet, purely plant-based & above all extremely delicious:
A green conscience has never tasted so great.

Warum Spirulina essen? 7 Gründe, warum Spirulina toll ist
7. Spirulix makes you a better eater!

Eating a balanced, sustainable & full of pleasure every day? That sounds really complicated. But with Spirulix it's child's play!

Get Spirulix Today & Meet Your New Favorite Snacks!

Spirulina Ernte für Bio Algen aus Europa
Test & fall in love!
Our products

With Spirulix you can provide yourself with delicious nutrients all day long.

To make Spirulina more fun for you, Spirulix is ​​available as a delicious snack:

Or as a dietary supplement to give your food a nutrient plus:
Powder (for liquids, dough & Co.)
Flakes (for sprinkling over food)

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