How spirulina can help in the current situation!

In times like these, the least you can do for the common good is to settle down at home. Now it's more important than ever to get our bodies in shape... and not just for this delicate time, because it's best to get used to it for the future. Because of this, Spirulina is currently on everyone's lips. It is the perfect complement to a ginger tea or lemon juice. But why is that? 🤔

This is what makes spirulina so perfect for you!

As early as 1974, the WHO declared spirulina to be the "food of the future". In 2020 it is now up to us to finally use the potential of the algae. After all, we at SPIRULIX grow our Spirulina completely sustainably and according to the strictest certified quality standards regionally in Lower Austria.

Spirulina production in Austria

Our blue-green algae has an enormous density of nutrients that are relevant for our body. High-quality protein chains as well as a wide range of minerals and B vitamins can all be found in our tiny little algae. This abundance of nutrients provides a good basis for our system to function properly. Because really every child knows: a balanced diet is the best basis for a balanced life!

Your future self will thank you for starting a balanced diet now. Even if "balanced" doesn't always sound exciting - that doesn't mean that it has to be boring. Because we offer you numerous ways to take our spirulina every day.

How to take spirulina:

With our pure spirulina products, the powder & the flakes, you can treat yourself to an extra portion of nutrients every day. You only need a teaspoon a day to be well supplied with Spirulina for the day. And we promise: if you mix our algae with something that already has a taste of its own, you will definitely not have a fishy taste on your palate either! Buy pure spirulina

SPIRULIX Powder is best suited for dissolving in liquids: simply add some powder to a smoothie, yoghurt, juice, soup or dough - and you're giving your body a boost! On the other hand, you use the flakes as a nutrient topping over food, such as salads, bread or your favorite food.

Are you more of a snacker? no problem m! SPIRULIX even offers you nutritional supplements for the couch. Our crackers are not only super digestible, but a real nutrient bomb. A pack of Cracker Classic provides you with lots of protein, omega 3, iron, magnesium, zinc, manganese, folic acid, get the idea, they're just super balanced!

Spirulina crackers

Or do you fancy something sweet with your ginger tea? Then grab our SPIRULIX algae chocolate, which we produce in cooperation with the Zotter chocolate factory. So you can snack with a green conscience!

Algae Chocolate by Zotter

Even if good nutrition is important, especially in these times don't forget about everything else! Stay at home, protect your fellow human beings, help people from risk groups and do something for your karma. Because what is our current motto called so beautifully:

Wash your hands, eat algae!

SPIRULIX complete package

Would you also like to have this scientifically confirmed? Gladly! Here are a few references to the effects of spirulina:

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