SPIRULIX? What is that?

What is SPIRULIX Spirulina?


SPIRULIX produces food that consists of 100% Austrian Spirulina algae. "From Austria?!" - yes, you heard that right, algae from Austria. That may sound bizarre, but it is true and makes sense, because:

SPIRULIX is rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements - a small amount daily is enough to provide body and mind with an extra portion of nutrients. With Spirulix you can live a little healthier every day.

Where does SPIRULIX come from?

SPIRULIX is grown and processed in the small but fine Sitzenberg-Reidling in Lower Austria. Production takes place next to a farm and a research site for renewable energy. From there we also get all the energy for our production - 100% electricity and heat from sustainable, renewable sources!

All our products are made entirely in Austria, are energy-efficient and manufactured to the highest quality standards. In short: buying SPIRULIX is just damn good for your karma!

How can I order?

Very simple: we have built a beautiful web shop especially for you! In this you will find all our products, you can inform yourself about them & of course you can also order everything. From a shopping basket of €39 we will deliver your items (in Austria) to your home free of charge!

You come to the web shop here!

Who is this ominous Life Lovers gang?

That's just what we call all our fans, friends, customers & great people who are interested in SPIRULIX. It's not just some bland marketing term. We take the gang pretty seriously!

Of course, the Life Lovers gang has something to do with SPIRULIX - because: SPIRULIX means discovery, being a child, embarking on wild adventures, breaking rules & finding new wisdom! And that's exactly what we want to do with you!

SPIRULIX provides you with additional nutrients every day so that you can concentrate on your life and all the fun, success, hustle & madness that goes with it.

How do I become a Life Lover?

This is quite simple:

  • get your portion of SPIRULIX in our shop
  • follow us on our social media channels ( Facebook & Instagram )
  • get the newsletter (see below)
  • write us an email
  • or dedicate a message in a bottle to us in the Danube!
    (a joke, please think about the environment!)
It doesn't matter, one thing is clear: you belong in our gang!

Do you have any more information for me?

Sure, of course! Browse around a bit on our site, look at the FAQs or subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date: