Spirulix in the media

Together we make the future of nutrition the present!

And so that this works as quickly as possible, as many people as possible must learn about Spirulix and our green Spirulina. That is why we are happy about all customers who recommend us, but also about every report on the internet, in the press as well as on radio and television. We would like to present a small selection of good reports about Spirulix to you here.

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ORF 1: DOK.eins - The Superman

Our spirulina was even featured on ORF1 during prime time! As part of a documentary about the trend towards self-optimization, we were able to present the benefits of Spirulix and its influence on a balanced diet.

ORF 1 Spirulina

For legal reasons, we are not allowed to make the finished contribution available here, but you can see a small excerpt of our appearance under this link .

Glass house seaweed TV

ServusTV: Servus in the evening

Our Spirulina from Austria was also noticed in the evening program of ServusTV, Servus am Abend. In addition to the algae farm, you could also see the nutritionist in our team, Axel Dinse. He not only helps us with recipes for our Spirulina powder and flakes, but was also instrumental in inventing our Spirulix crackers.

SPIRULIX seaweed cracker tasting

The film team was particularly taken with these algae crackers. In addition to the story of how Spirulix came about, there was also a blind tasting of our superfood snacks in Vienna. The verdict of the tasters: "They're not only healthy, they're also damn tasty!"

Spirulina crackers tasting dog

And even this hairy passer-by liked it very much! 😁

ORF 2: Consciously healthy

The health magazine of the ORF, "Bewusst Gesund", has already paid us a visit. In addition to a leading nutritionist, our biologist Kathi also had a say during the contribution. In addition to the health aspects of Spirulina, she was also allowed to speak about the advantages of production in Austria.

Consciously Healthy Spirulina

Today newspaper: Superfood from Lower Austria

The Today newspaper has already given us a little rendezvous:

Today newspaper SPIRULIX Spirulina

A La Carte Magazine: The Green Wave

The specialist in eating & drinking culture, the "A La Carte" magazine, dedicated a very special feature to Spirulix in the second 2019 issue. On a full 16 pages you can read everything from the production to the health benefits of spirulina to recipes from absolute top chefs!

You can access a shorter version of the article online at this link.

Spirulina Magazine A La Carte

Cooking Magazine: Superfood Spirulina

Our nutritionist Axel once again had his say in Cooking Magazine at the beginning of March. In addition to the benefits of spirulina, Axel shows why almost everyone should include algae in their daily diet: full of nutrients, vegan, good for the climate and, with the right tricks, super tasty!

SPIRULIX in Cooking Magazine

And so that you also know what great things you can do with our Future Food called Spirulix, there were also a few recipes with our Spirulina powder, flakes and our crackers for all readers to test!

Recipes Spirulina Cookbook

NÖN: Algae – nutrients for everyday life g

As a producer of spirulina algae in Sitzenberg-Reidling, who has set himself the task of turning the world of Austrian cuisine upside down, we couldn't be missing from the NÖN-Journal about the most innovative companies in Lower Austria.

The whole article was available to read in a special print edition throughout Lower Austria and also across all borders under this link.

You can find a second article HERE.