That was our appearance on 2 minutes 2 million!

We can't really believe it yet! Spirulix is ​​now available throughout Austria from BILLA, BIPA & Merkur (BILLA Plus)! 💚 Our appearance at the PULS 4 startup show "2 minutes 2 million" made this possible.

You can watch the show here (unfortunately only in Austria). You can find other clips at the very end of this article:

Slightly nervous (but also with a proud chest), our two founders Karl & Martina Pfiel presented themselves to the strict gaze of the group of investors. But the looks didn't stay stern for long, a spoonful of our muesli was enough to arouse interest.
Spirulix Spirulina Algae at 2 minutes 2 million on heart rate 4
Photo: (c) PULS 4/Gerry Frank

Karl & Martina were able to answer the numerous questions about our green production approach, our delicious products and the crazy idea of ​​growing Spirulina in the middle of Lower Austria in the same way that Spirulix is ​​used to: very openly and honestly.

The answer to the question of whether we can even know whether we will still be around next year was not given by us, despite our quick wit. Because this answer came from Markus Kuntke, Trend & Innovation Manager at REWE, who offered us a cooperation directly in the show. A listing of Spirulix at BILLA, BIPA & Merkur? Given such a great opportunity, of course we could only accept.
Spirulix Spirulina at REWE, Billa, Bipa & Merkur
Markus Kuntke brings Spirulix to BIPA, BILLA & Merkur! (Photo: (c) PULS 4/Gerry Frank)

You can now get Spirulix in over 1,330 shops throughout Austria:
  • At BILLA & Merkur , our crunchy muesli (apple, cinnamon + red berries) is waiting to be taken home by you.
  • At BIPA you will now find our dark nougat made from sesame and our crunchy red berry muesli
  • You can always find the products on the startup shelf. If you can't find it, just ask the friendly staff.

You can find an overview of all shops here:

If the products are not available in the respective stores, please write to us on social media or by email. You are really helping us with this!

But that was not all. In addition to the Austria-wide supermarket listing, we were also able to secure a cooperation with investor Katharina Schneider & Mediashop for "2 minutes 2 million". You can now find our powder and flakes at!

But that wasn't enough. The reason for our participation was to raise money for the urgently needed expansion of our algae farm, so that we can continue to have enough spirulina for you in the future. Unfortunately, the building materials for the farm cannot yet be paid for in Spirulix products!

Haselsteiner Spirulina algae from Spirulix

dr Hans-Peter Haselsteiner is on board! (Photo: (c) PULS 4/Gerry Frank)

Fortunately, Karl & Martina were able to inspire with their performance. Especially construction tycoon & entrepreneurial legend Dr. Hans Peter Haselsteiner was impressed by us and offered us €250,000 for 10% of our company. An offer we could only accept. So nothing stands in the way of a bright future for Spirulix!

But one thing is clear. All of this was and is ONLY possible thanks to you! Your trust in our products, honest feedback, constant support and of course loyal customers made all this possible. From the first small algae experiments to our big appearance on "2 minutes 2 million" it was never without you. And it still won't.

So you're (it's fair to say) the very first investors in Spirulix. And for this support we, the whole Spirulix team, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please continue to be loyal to us & help us to give the food industry a green coat of paint. Only together are we all better eaters.

The next time you see our products in the supermarket, in the village shop or in your friends' pantry, know one thing: it's all there because of you.

💚💚💚 Thank you! 💚💚💚

The Spirulix team

Here are more clips of Spirulix at 2 Minutes 2 Million:

As soon as there is more online, you will always find it here!