We invite you to the day of the open algae farm on July 25, 2020!

Open house at the SPIRULIX algae farm

Since so many of you visited us last time & we've been receiving more and more inquiries since then, we can't help it:
We hereby cordially invite you to the 3rd day of the open algae farm on Saturday, July 25th!

Thanks to their great nutrients, spirulina algae are a real future food - you can see exactly how this culinary future is being created in Lower Austria at the end of July!

How does it work in times of Corona?

We've thought of something! In order to be able to precisely regulate the number of visitors, we offer different time slots for which you can get a free ticket at https://bit.ly/Algenfarm-Besuchen . You have 90 minutes per time slot to take part in guided tours, ask questions and taste lots of products.

You can also come by without a ticket, but you may have to expect longer waiting times.

Register here: https://bit.ly/Algenfarm-Besuchen

What can you experience with us?

  • Take part in guided tours of our algae farm
  • Taste delicious green seaweed crackers, smoothies, spreads & more
  • Get your extra portion of nutrients in our on-site shop
  • Get to know the SPIRULIX team & pester them with your questions
  • Prove your luck in our algae competition
  • Learn everything about tomorrow's food today & taste the future & make your friends green with envy!

When is it time?
On Saturday, July 25, 2020 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Where can you find our algae farm?
Feldgasse 2
3454 Sitzenberg-Reidling

What else is there to consider?

  • Don't forget to register - otherwise you may have to wait!
  • Please leave your dogs at home, otherwise they will probably be green with envy: Dogs are not allowed on the tours of the algae farm.

We are really looking forward to your visit! Because you know: Only together can we make the future of nutrition the present! 🌱

See you in Reidling! 💚

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