We're on TV at 2 minutes 2 million!

Well, now the cat is finally out of the bag: Spirulix can be seen next week at the PULS 4 startup show “2 minutes 2 million” ! We are really looking forward to the broadcast & hope that you will see us on Tuesday at 8:15 p.m rooted for us. 

Spirulix Spirulina 2 minutes 2 million on pulse 4

Photo: (c) PULS 4/Gerry Frank

Of course we also want to tell you how it all came about. But what is the best way to start the story? Where did that actually start? 

Maybe we'll start with 2020. We started the new year fully motivated and wanted to take part in as many events as possible this year . In previous years, we were increasingly on the road in Vienna and Lower Austria, but we wanted to change that. Our goal was to make Spirulix known in every Austrian state & parts of Germany. This also worked out well, our team was on the road in Linz and Salzburg and was able to get to know many of you there. But then Corona came. 

Spirulix seaweed 2 minutes 2 million pulse 4

One of our last events, everything still in the old design!

So everything is new: how can we bring our products closer to even more people ? And above all, how can we satisfy the constantly growing interest in our products ? Because an expansion of our algae farm was also necessary . 

A brainstorming session was needed! And while we were sitting there comfortably together in May 2020 (only online , of course ) , we had the idea: Let's take part in the PULS 4 startup show " 2 minutes 2 million" (to our German readers, that's it Austrian equivalent of "Höhle der Löwen”! There we can offer our Spirulina the perfect stage & also get additional investors on board. Can it be even better?! 

Karl and Martina Pfiel algae farmers married couple

We had to apply with this picture so that there was no risk of confusion between Karl & Martina 😁

The very next day we filled out the registration form in record time. And then the most exhausting part began: the waiting. We checked our inbox almost every day. Pretty much all of the “what if” scenarios we came up with day after day. But of course the work did not stop. 

In the summer, thanks to some well-engineered concepts, we were able to visit a few markets and events in Vienna. All too often we just heard: "Hey, 2 minutes 2 million, that would fit you perfectly!" Staying still, not revealing anything... ugh , that really wasn't easy! 

And finally one of the hottest days of the year came. While our algae trainers have been around since 6 a.m hard at work on the algae farm early in the morning (to avoid the great heat), our marketing fuzzy Dominik only came to the office quite comfortably at 9 - almost suspiciously on time for the first coffee break of the day. And at that very moment I got a call from an unknown number. "You're in." 

Suddenly a load was lifted, but at the same time we realized: the work is only just beginning. So texts were written, designs were made, pitch lessons were booked, a hairdresser's appointment made (not always easy in times of Corona!), the office was converted into a stage, we practiced weekly and worked on the stage design. Because such an appearance in the largest startup show in the German-speaking world can have a big impact and be the start of something really big. And maybe that has something to do with our redesign?

You can find out that & much more on Tuesday, March 23, at 8:15 p.m. on “2 minutes 2 million” on PULS 4. 

Spirulix algae startup on TV

The last photo before going into the studio for recording.