That was the 3rd open day at the SPIRULIX algae farm!

That was maybe a weekend! 😎

Open house SPIRULIX algae farm

We are still amazed that so many Life Lovers were not deterred by the rain or the bright sky that followed & visited SPIRULIX on our 3rd day of the open algae farm.

Everyone who was there was really rewarded for that! After the exciting guided tours, there were lots of seaweed delicacies to try. From spirulina bread to spelled biscuits & lime spirulina cake to green Linzer sticks, everything was really there & no wish was left unfulfilled 😍

So we close this successful weekend with a big thank you to all our Life Lovers & look forward to the next time! Thanks also to our hard-working brownies, who supported us so energetically & made this day possible! You are amazing! 💚

Yoga and SPIRULIX Spirulina

PS: We are very happy that our algae bring you into harmony! :D