5 questions for Elisabeth Koller 🤓

Elisabeth Koller, holistic trainer for women's health in everyday work; Qualified holistic nutrition trainer; Certified Cranio Sacral Practitioner

1. Why Spirulix? What are your reasons for shopping with us?

Austrian company, transparency through open house, personal, family & because of the regionality

2. How did you come across Spirulix?

As a qualified holistic nutrition trainer, healthy and balanced nutrition is important to me. For me, a holistic approach also means being open to new things and keeping a balance with the tried and tested. In other cultures, algae are a classic food that has been good for people for centuries and so at some point I discovered the invigorating and activating power of algae for myself.

In the course of my training I researched "alternatives to conventional agriculture" and came across Spirulix.

3. Why Spirulina? Why do you integrate Spirulina into your everyday diet, why exactly Spirulix-Spirulina?

How we eat during the day influences our performance, our ability to concentrate, our mood and much more. When we are stressed, we often eat less healthy and nutritious food. Stress is also a nutrient robber.

Stress causes us to age prematurely, stress weakens our digestion, stress makes us tired and exhausted...just to name a few.

In Spirulina we have some benefits that can support our health in everyday work. For example: Spirulina contains high-quality omega 3 fatty acids, which keep our cell membranes supple and promote brain and heart health and have an anti-inflammatory effect.

I start the day with Spirulina in the morning. I use it every day as a topping on my porridge. But I also have energy balls with spirulina as healthy snacks for in between so I can keep my energy level up on challenging days. Spirulix Spirulina scores for me because it's regional.

4. What is your favorite product?

The flakes, the powder and the chocolate

5. Your tips to integrate Spirulix into everyday life!

Flakes and powder can be used as a topping for porridge, in cakes, in pancakes, but also in smoothies.

If everyday work is very stressful, energy balls with dates, nuts and also Spirulix-Spirulina are great as healthy and nutritious snacks. I also add Spirulix-Spirulina there as a healthy ingredient and supplement.