Spirulix in a new guise

"Well, whoops, that looks completely different!"

This or something similar is probably what you were thinking just now. And yes, you are absolutely right: from today Spirulix has a whole new look!

But why this change? Quite simply: because we at Spirulix love change.

A few years ago we set out on a mission to take home nutrition to the next level by making spirulina a regular food for everyone! That may sound a bit megalomaniac, but that's the way we are. If nobody wants to turn the food industry upside down, then let's do it!

And just as our goals have a lot to do with big changes, we are always thinking about how we can be even better.

you changed us For the better!

In the past few years, nothing has shaped us as much as you have! Nobody is as honest as you. And nobody else motivates us so much.

Numerous adventures, reactions & conversations with you have given us a much more precise idea of ​​where we should go and who we want to be. And that's exactly what we want to convey visually:

A logo that stands out because we have nothing to hide.
A design full of natural shapes & beautiful colors that will make your heart skip a beat.
And a look & feel that conveys: Here you will only find the best of Mother Nature. Everything is different here. Because that's what we are.

Spirulix new design

New logo, new design... and this is just the beginning!

"It's best if we leave everything as it is" - sorry, but that's a sentence that you will probably never hear from us. Because one thing is always clear: things can always be improved. And we will not stand still until then.

Because we have so many plans. But that is only and really ONLY possible with you! That's why we're pleased to be able to give you a first glimpse of the big changes that are still to come in the next few days and weeks. We hope you enjoy it!

We'll be able to tell you more very soon, but let me say this much: it's going to be an adventurous year! And we are incredibly proud to have you on board!

Green greetings from the entire Spirulix team!