Our spirulina chocolate gets a new name!

Our chocolate not only has a new design - no, it also has a new name! Because from now on she's going on adventures with you under the name "Nougat".

But why did we decide to give our spirulina chocolate a new name?

Spirulina nougat with spirulina from Austria for snacking

Well, one of the most common feedbacks we got from you guys was very clear: you want a white chocolate full of spirulina. But that's also the problem!

According to the Austrian Food Code, white chocolate MUST always contain at least 8% milk fat. As you all know, all Spirulix products are 100% vegan. And it should stay that way!

So we had a problem. You want a white chocolate, we want a white chocolate, but we can't call it that. So another name was needed! But thanks to our test eaters, it was quickly found: "Super tender, super food, super good - that can only mean nougat!"

Because where nougat is at the top, you know that you're expecting a top-class sweet here. And that is exactly what our new product should be. A duet of spirulina & hemp, covered in a delicate coconut couverture... a treat you are guaranteed to fall in love with: Spirulix white nougat made from hemp.

So that the white nougat doesn't feel so alone, our dark spirulina chocolate has just been given a new name: Spirulix dark nougat made from sesame.

Spirulix Spirulina chocolate made from sesame

A new name, a new look, but you know: only the inner values ​​count. And they stay the same: good taste and snacking without a bad conscience !