Our review of the 1st day of the open algae farm

How does an algae farm in Austria look like? Why is Spirulina produced in Europe at all? And why is SPIRULIX so healthy?🤔
The visitors to the open day at the SPIRULIX algae farm received the answers to these and many other questions.

Spirulina algae from Austria

The rush was great, the interest even greater: over 500 algae fans paid us a visit on May 11, 2019 to take a look behind the scenes at SPIRULIX. Our high-quality spirulina algae from Austria inspired vegan people, young families and those interested in innovation in equal measure.

So that you didn't get bored with us, you could expect guided tours through our company, lots of nice people and of course a tasting station: from fresh algae to crackers to numerous recipes (such as green pancakes, cakes and bread with spirulina) some delicacies were offered! Normally we would write here now "we hope you enjoyed it" - but we don't need that at all, because you immediately told us your enthusiasm!

We would like to thank each and every one of you again for your visit! The many good encouragement and the great interest give us the motivation to continue working on the superfood next door every day. This is really not always easy with the tropical temperatures that prevail in our greenhouses in summer. Nevertheless, we like to do it... and since this event with all the positive encounters even a little bit better. It's really nice to see how big and colorful our unique SPIRULIX Life Lover community is. Together we experience how the future of food is becoming the present!

And yes, we promise: the weather will be a little better for the next event, and we'll try our best there too! 😁

We want to share our favorite impressions with you so that you can look back on this fun day as much as we can and that everyone who stayed at home can find motivation for the next event:
Algae farm open houseRecipes for Spirulina Algae Powder