The thing with the costs 💸

 Price adjustment for Spirulix.
As you may have already noticed, we at Spirulix have made a necessary price adjustment. We don't want to do this quietly and secretly, but communicate transparently and make it understandable for everyone. We have had talks and meetings almost every week in the last few months, all with the bitter aftertaste that prices are increasing due to the current situation. Starting with the transport costs, through the storage costs to the raw material prices and the packaging material for our products. In addition, the availability of certain raw materials was uncertain, which made it difficult to change the recipe (we reduced the sugar content in our muesli by 40%).
At the same time, we were also able to expand our spirulina farm, which was also a big challenge as a start-up, since materials were scarce here too and the whole thing was also associated with an enormous price increase. Nevertheless, thanks to you and our great network, we were able to expand Austria's first spirulina farm and thus reduce production costs at the same time. From the very beginning we have used 100% green electricity in our production, which has shown us once again in the current situation that this is exactly the right step for the future.
Because of all these factors, we have decided to make a price change, which will of course be individually adapted to the products. Our goal is to make our products affordable for as many people as possible, but we want to make sure this doesn't come at the expense of quality.
For our nutritional supplements, the products made from 100% pure spirulina algae, we can keep the price constant because we are not dependent on other raw materials and our spirulina grows with green electricity.
However, the price of our muesli has increased from the original EUR 5.49 to EUR 5.69. Our spirulina crackers originally had a price of 4.99 euros. We were then able to reduce this to EUR 3.99 for a short time because we were able to increase production capacity and optimize some processes. However, due to the rising raw material prices, we had to correct the price again, which is currently EUR 4.49.
We thank all our customers, because it is only thanks to you that we were able to make it this far and realize our dream as an algae farmer. Looking at the situation as a whole, we even managed to reduce the prices, which we consider to be extremely positive news and shows us that we are definitely on the right track! Thanks for your understanding! 💚