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It's almost time & our crackers will be given a new look - adapted to our current design, of course. But until then our warehouse has to be emptied and you can help us with that!

Spirulix Spirulina Algae Crackers with Omega 3 for free

At the moment we still have some crackers with a sell-by date in December or January . So that you can really enjoy every cracker, we want to save them together with you.

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In addition, for a limited time you will get 3 packs of our Spirulina Crackers for free with every order over 39€ !

You don't have to do anything for this, the crackers don't appear in your shopping cart either - we simply put them in your package as a nutrient-rich extra. From now on you can nibble every day with a clear conscience! 💚

You can find more information about our crackers here:


Attention: the promotion is only valid while stocks last. So: be quick!

Spirulina Crackers by Spirulix